Boost Your Confidence and Improve Your Smile with Orthodontic Treatment

January 26, 2017

It is no secret that orthodontic treatment offers a wealth of health benefits for children and adults alike. Poorly aligned teeth and uncorrected bites may eventually lead to problems such as jaw pain, tooth grinding, headaches and even gum disease. Having a good bite and straighter teeth at any age means it’s easier to chew, bite and speak. Yet, the most common reason that people seek orthodontic treatment is the desire for a beautiful and bright smile. The wonders that straighter teeth and improved appearance can do for a person’s self-esteem cannot be overstated.

Over the years, we’ve seen many published studies that link straighter teeth to healthy boosts in confidence and improved self-image. These improvements can even be observed in children and teenagers, who often struggle with self-esteem issues that stem from feelings of insecurity about their appearance. Children who have misaligned teeth may choose to avoid smiling and laughing, hide their mouth when speaking or avoid speaking altogether. Some even encounter teasing from classmates or peers. Correcting orthodontic problems alleviates anxiety about physical appearance and enables children to smile, laugh and speak confidently. This boost in self-esteem can set up a child for success in school and personal relationships for years to come.

At Smaha Orthodontics, we’ve witnessed this transformation in teens and tweens again and again. What’s even more exciting is that adults can experience similar benefits from orthodontic treatment. Yes, healthy teeth can be moved at any age! Our adult patients not only enjoy improvements in self-esteem, they also find that their new-found confidence has a positive effect on their professional success.

Orthodontic treatment can be truly life changing and it is one of the best investments you can make in your overall health and appearance. At Smaha Orthodontics, we offer several types of braces and clear aligners for our patients. While regular metal braces are still widely used and are commonly worn by our younger patients, clear braces are becoming increasingly popular because of their cosmetic appeal. For our adult patients and teenagers with milder cases of misaligned teeth, InvisalignÒ aligners are a state-of-the-art alternative to braces. Virtually invisible to the eye, these aligners are removable and offer superior comfort.

Our experienced staff proudly offers a simpler path to beautiful, healthy smiles. Dr. Ched and Charles Smaha carry over 62 years of combined experience, creating not only a comfortable, but extremely knowledgeable environment. Whether you seek orthodontics for yourself or your child, you can rest assured knowing that Smaha Orthodontics always has your best interest in mind.

If you’d like to smile, laugh and speak with more confidence, contact us at (478) 743-9331 to schedule your first healthy smile consultation at our Forsyth location. During this first visit, we will review your individual needs and discuss the financial options that will work for you. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve a lifelong smile solution!