Accelerated Orthodontics with AcceleDent® Aura

November 8, 2016

Traditional orthodontic treatments for the average patient range from a few months to a few years.  Some may find the length of treatment to be inconvenient, citing careers, schedules or the hassle of wearing braces or aligners for an extended period of time. What if you could achieve the same amazing results faster? With AcceleDent® Aura, you can reduce your overall treatment time by 30 to 50%!

AcceleDent is a lightweight, comfortable and hands-free device that you use at home for just 20 minutes a day in conjunction with your existing orthodontics, such as fixed braces or clear aligners. It works by accelerating the bone remodeling process that takes place during an orthodontics treatment, which, in turn, speeds up teeth movement. In clinical trials, AcceleDent was clinically proven to move teeth up to 50% faster.

To use AcceleDent, you simply insert the mouthpiece, bite down gently to hold it in place, and turn it on. During this time, AcceleDent uses SoftPulse Technology® to generate mild and safe micropulses that guide teeth to their optimal position. These tiny vibrations exert up to 8x less force than an electric toothbrush, so you’ll hardly feel them. Most patients get used to the sensation quickly. When the 20 minutes are up, the device shuts off automatically.

Not only can AcceleDent help you get straighter teeth faster and reduce overall treatment time, it also has been shown to decrease discomfort you may experience from orthodontic treatment.

AcceleDent is easy to charge at home or on the go and the mouthpiece is simple to remove for cleaning. Our patients enjoy the simplicity of using it at home while watching TV, reading, doing homework or listening to music. Most of all, they love the accelerated results! If you would like to learn more about AcceleDent and how it may benefit you, schedule an appointment today.